About us

Where Success Begins

If the mirror could show us our real calibre, then it would show us that we are all Dark Horses, competitors about whom little is known, but unexpectedly achieve greatness. 

We started this journey on 6th July, 2016, and have since then grown to four cities of Central Gujarat, and grown to inculcate more than 500 students. We are proud to boast that since our inception, every batch has seen positive results in every civil service examination held since, from every single batch. The management of Dark Horse Academy are intricately involved with the students to help guide the students by enlightening them from their personal success stories about with respect to the civil service examinations. 

We do not promise you any shortcuts to success. We promise you unwavering support and guidance all along the taxing journey you are about to embark upon, and cheer you on, all through the way.

Salient features of Dark horse Academy:

·        Spacious, air conditioned Classrooms with an Environment that promotes leaning;

·        Experienced teaching staff, supervised by the management with feedback from the students;

·        Well-equipped library with a large number of books based on different competitive examinations, open 24 x 7 x 365.

·        Module-based classes with systematized material;

·        Topic-wise tests for all subjects followed by open discussions;

·        Discussions of current affairs on a daily basis with an in-depth understanding;

·        Systematized lecture series with experts from renowned places like SPIPA;


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